Legal way to stop Windows 10 Update

Every Windows 10 user has a problem is Windows 10’s update. So here can the user update the Windows or cancel that update. Is there ever a good time for Windows update to run? It’s necessary to keep your system up to date and install security updates and patched. But here users don’t waste so much time and don’t want to lose the internet speed. And everyone is not interested to update Windows. Because they have connected to their PC for general mail checking and so kind of browsing. However, they feel slow on their PC because Windows update automatically updates your Windows.

In the next paragraph, we learn how to manage Windows update will put in control of your update. Here we have shared some tips and trick to you stop Windows update and they don’t interrupt when you are working on PC.

1. If you have limited Internet

If you have a limited internet connection then this is the best option for you and then you will enable this option to prevent unwanted Windows updates.

This “Metered connection” option is the easiest way to consistently block most updates. It’s available on all Windows 10 editions.

You mark your internet connection as metered, head to SettingsNetwork & Internet. On the Status tab, select Properties under the network name you’re currently connected to.

stop windows update with metered connection.

Then Metered connection turn Set as Metered connection on. You can also choose the limit, though this isn’t necessary if you’re not on an actual metered connection.

In case, you want to update the Windows then Go to Settings>Update & Security and manually install the update.

2. Pause the Update

If you think the update is a headache then you’re right then you can temporarily pause the update. Go to Settings > Update & Security then click on Pause of 7 days, as if you pause for 7 days.

stop windows 10 update. pause windows update

Otherwise, you pause the update for 35 days from today. Updates won’t install these days because we pause the updates at least for 35 days. Then after 35 days over then again you set it to 35 days from the date. Then again you stop as you say pause the update. When updates are paused the update page is showing resume updates. When you have a solid internet connection then resume and up to date and feel free.

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3. Update disable

If you want to permanently disable the Windows update then this method will be helpful for you. You don’t delay so much to update your system. At least update in 6 months, because the update improves the bugs and resolves the issue, and protects against new malware. Then the system updates then work faster give so much improved performance.

Press Windows key, then search the Edit Group Policy then go to Policy. When clicking the Policy, under the Computer Configuration option you see Administrative Templates > Windows Components> Windows update > Configure Automatic Updates. Then click on it you see three options, the last one is Disable so click it to Disable Automatic update.

stop windows 10 update

This method is new i don’t think this will be work or not. You can try this method.

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4. Schedule the installation of Downloaded Updates

Once the Windows update is download then they asking for the reboot of the system. Then it will take so much time in case you are doing your work then this step is irritating to you. When you have an update is pending then again they asked for a restart of the PC. Again the whole process is done then your PC is up to date. In that process, they take so much time and patience.

You change the active hours by going to the Update & Security. You see the “Change active hours” click on it and if the option is on then turn off and they show you time when you Shutdown your PC then the PC restart and fully update.

change active hours for windows 10 update

5. Disable Windows Updates

Here is the last option that will be to disable the windows update. But in many cases, they don’t work after restarting the system. And in some cases, they are worked. It’s available in all editions of Windows 10.

Go to Start type Service Find the Windows Update option then click on it. Click Stop to shut down the service and Click Startup Type and select it to Disable, and save all the settings and enjoy if they work for you.

disable windows 10 update

I hope, one of the step is work for you other wise you check out these link– Stop Windows 10 update Permanently: Fully Disable the update

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