Make Bootable Pendrive of Windows 10 just 2 Minutes?

Hello, Guys today I will be share with you how to make a bootable Pendrive of Windows 10 step-by-step.

Necessary things – 1. minimum 8GB empty of Pendrive 2. Rufus Software on your system. 3. Download Windows 10 Disk Image File (you can open its website on your smartphone and download it or open in desktop in inspect mode and select the mobile icon and refresh it and download it.)

  • So first of all you will be download the Rufus software(from the click on Blue Rufus name)
  • After download this software run on your PC it ask for Yes or No so click on Yes.
  • After click on Yes button this windows will be open and show something like this.
How to make bootable pendrive of Windows 10 with Rufus.
Rufus Software
  • Attach the blank Pendrive that will show the upper device section your Pendrive will be showing. After all the things are done you click on the SELECT button. Now you can locate the Disk Image File Location on your PC, click OK.
  • Three more options show you. You don’t change it, set as default.
How to make a bootable pendrive of Windows 10 with Rufus Software
Rufus Software Interface
  • You can change your Pendrive name from the Volume label to rename it what you want. File System Select to NTFS, Cluster Size set as default.
  • Now click on the Start button and make a bootable Pendrive of Windows 10. After clicking on Start Message shows click on Yes which means your Pendrive all data will be erased so make sure your Pendrive is empty.

It will take 10- 15 minutes depending on your system configuration. After completing the full process, your Pendrive is ready to boot in Windows 10.

Next Article we will be share with you how to install Windows 10 on you PC.>>

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