How to remove jean stains from leather purse?

How to remove jean stains from leather purse

When you buy a most expensive leather bag or purse, you don’t want to get dirty or strain in any way. No matter how you are attached to your leather bag.

Our bags are marked with the most unexpected stains Yes since bags often come in touch with the denim jeans we are wearing. They get slightly colored due to the rubbing against them.

It’s hard to clean these stains, sometimes it can damage your most expensive leather bag or purse.

According to the report of EPA.GOV 292.4 million tons of solid waste generating 2018.

Leather wasters are higher each day cause of damaging the leather or staining leather.

There we are sharing the topmost methods, how to remove jean stains from the leather purse.

With the 11 steps of the guide, you can easily get any of the ideas to remove your leather bag jean stain without damaging the leather.

These are the proven methods to clean your leather.

At the end of this article, I’m 101% sure if you follow our describing methods to remove jean stain from leather.

Without wasting any moment.

Let’s move on to the points.

How to Remove Jean Stains From Leather Purse

Leather purses look so cool if they are new, at the time goes they have rubbed with our denim jeans and they observe the color of our jeans.

Sometimes it is very difficult to remove the tough stain from the leather cause they hardly rubbed with our jeans and very tough stain to remove at home.

If we do not clean the stain then they look annoying. Especially we don’t like that, colored leather bag.

There we will explain the ways to clean your super expensive leather purse stain.

These ways you can follow at home.

Now just follow some simple steps to remove tough stains from the leather purse.

1. Use baking soda and cornstarch

Use Baking Soda or cornstarch

You can try to clean the tough stains on leather to remove with baking soda. Either baking soda or cornstarch to clean your leather purse.

These ingredients tend to absorb most kinds of stains including ink stains and may also work on denim jeans stains.

Take a bit of baking soda, sprinkle it on top of the stain, and sprinkle a little bit of water on it, not too much. Sprinkle it that baking soda can easily observe that.

Leave it there for 1-2 hours and then wipe it off with a clean rag or cloth.

You can rub it with a bit moist cloth. And that’s it.

Now you can see there are clean your jeans stain from the leather bag.

Leather purses are expensive and denim jeans on them can be really disappointing. But the above-given tips are useful or proven.

However, if you are unable to get the stain off yourself, do not try too hard to rub the leather purse.

It can lead to further damage to the bag. If this tip is not helpful don’t worry about it. The next trick will be to definitely clean your jeans stain.

2. Use Dish Soap

Use Dish Shop

Dish wash can clean your leather purse jeans stain easily. For that, you need dish soap and warm water.

For this mix together dish soap and warm water in a bowl.

Now, tumble the mixture on the stain and wipe the stain with a cloth or rub with light hands.

After removing the stain you can dry your purse with a white microfiber cloth or white paper.

Now you can’t see any stain on your leather purse. Don’t forget to remember to dry or moist with white paper or white cloth.

It is because if you can dry with a printed cloth then it may again make a stain on your purse.

Dish soap has chemicals so it can easily clean the stains for the leather.

There are a lot of dish soaps are available in the market, or maybe available in your home.

Avoid using dish soap direct with your hands it damages your skin. Make sure to choose well knows the brand of dish soap otherwise in the market all the dish soap makers are available.

But remember the thing, the cheap dish soap can damage your whole expensive leather purse.

3. Use Cleaning Wipes

Use Cleaning Wipes

Wipes are generally used at home to clean the general stains. They also clean your leather purse stain. But be careful while using the cleaning wipes.

This is one of the simplest of cheapest methods yet most effective ways to clean leather purses from jeans stain.

We all have makeup remover wipes at home. If are men then frankly we are not using the cleaning wipes. So you will buy from the market.

You need to do the following to clean the purse with it.

Well, you take cleaning wipes and rub them gently on your bag’s affected area.

Since there are no extra chemicals on them, they won’t harm your purse in any way. If you have a doubt about cleaning wipes a bit part of purse you can rub on them and see the results.

But make sure don’t rub too much hard or faster, rub it slowly and light-handed otherwise with stains your leather are getting off.

If the stains prove hard to remove using the wipes, you should probably follow another way to clean them. If you are outdoor, you should consider leaving as it is until you get home.

4. Use Leather Shampoo

Use Leather shampoo

This is another way to clean your leather stains on leather. The stains seem to be a little stubborn. The leather shampoo is specially manufactured for stains on leather.

Get rid of the stain while being gentle on your leather.

Apply the shampoo on the area where the denim jeans stain. Use a clean white cloth to rub the leather gently.

You can add the shampoo a few times when you think it is necessary to get rid of the stain.

Use another white clean dry cloth to wipe the shampoo off the leather bag.  It should leave your bag looking clean and fresh.

Why do we use white clean cloth?

It has no colour or print on the cloth if we can clean it with a printed or coloured cloth then it may make a new stain of cloth. So we suggest the white cry cloth.

5. Use Leather Cleaner

Use a Leather cleaner

Another new way to clean your leather purse at home is with the help of a leather cleaner. It can clean tough to tough stains from the leather purse.

If the stain is denim jeans or coffee or tea stains. Leather cleaners are clean the stain very easily.

All you have to do it to apply the leather cleaner to a white rag cloth or sponge and gently wipe it on the stain.

As the stain gets lifted, it transfers itself to the sponge or cloth.

After removing the almost stain then you can apply a bit amount of leather cleaner on a new white cloth or sponge. Finally, clean all your purse.

Do not rub too hard and try cleaning as gently as possible.

If you have a leather wear a leather shoulder bag on regular basis then maybe it can transfer the color of the jeans to leather.

Following these methods to clean your expensive leather bag.

6. Use Glass Cleaner

Use Glass cleaner

This product is easily available at any home. It is effective on many types of stains on leather. If you realize that your denim jeans dye stain is proofing to be you could resort to using this product.

You should, however, have it in the back of your mind that is not a product for leather. So there is a chance are they can damage your expensive purse.

So you can take a bit of glass cleaner on the white cloth, on the shorts are you can rub it with slowly.

Immediately you get the results, the stain is gone use a wipe or a slightly damp cloth to wipe.

7. Use Hand Sanitizer

Use hand sanitizer

I followed this method when we have go through this same problem. The hand sanitizer solves my problem. Now sanitizers are easily available at home, cause of the pandemic.

So we are 101% sure that they clean the denim jeans stain from the leather purse.

I’m 101% sure about that but if you don’t. so you can try with the small part of the jeans stain and rub it gently.

You see the result after seeing the results you can add on more so you clean all the stains from the most expensive purse.

They’ll save you100s of dollars.

How do they clean the stain from the leather purse?

Basically in hand sanitizer, that has chemicals and alcohol. So chemical and alcohol have the power to clean the tough to tough stain with gently cleaning.

This is our personal life experience we thought why not add this new method.

8. Use Lemon and baking soda

Use limes

Above we share with you that baking soda has the potential to clean the stains. But if you can add lemon into the mixture then definitely be sure they can wipe your denim jeans stain from the leather purse.

While the lemon has citric acid so they can wipe your leather purse stain without any problem.

You can spread the lemon juice on the stains and sprinkle baking soda on them.

Leave it for 1-2 hours, now gently rub the stained area and clean the lemon or baking soda mixture.

If you paste has been dry so pour out the lemon juice on the paste and rub it with light hands.

It might clean your favorite denim jeans stain.

9. Use Warm Water and Soap

Use warm water and soap

Another way to clean the denim stains from the purse so can use warn water or soap.

Using water and soap to clean leather is very risky because soap is very rough on leather and water, if not cleaned fast enough of the leather, can create very stubborn water stains.

But used the right way soap and water are effective in removing stains including those acquired from purse rubbing on your denim jeans.

You should consider using not very strong soap and detergent such as baby soap.

Cause baby soap is less chemical and acids.

Follow some baby steps to remove the denim stains;

Put warm water in tub/basin.

Put this white cloth in warm water.

Apply soap on the cloth.

Use the cloth to wipe the stains from the purse.

You can keep the cloth for a few times when it sucks the soap.

Use another white cloth to wipe the water and soap off the leather.

Make the entire process quick so that you do not give water enough time to get into the leather.

Put the bag somewhere open and airy for it to dry.

10. Use Toothpaste

Use Toothpaste

Toothpaste is another germs cleaner that can clean the denim stains for leather.

This method is only working on the white leather bag. If you don’t own a white leather bag you can’t apply this process.

Like they have the power to clean the mouth germs, so they can ideally clean the germs.

We saw the toothpaste Idea in DIY videos.

But I’m not 100% sure that they clean the denim stains from leather.

So take toothpaste on a white cloth.

Apply a large amount of the toothpaste on leather.

Rub the product on the stained area.

After the stain disappears, wash off the toothpaste with warm water.

11. Use Vinegar

Use Vinegar

This may sound surprising, but vinegar can work wonders on leather. If the stain is older, though, and the leather is more durable, grab a cleaning cloth and dampen it thoroughly with white vinegar.

Then gently rub the stained area.

If the leather you’re working with is slightly more delicate, or the stains are from slat.

Whip up a cleaning solution with 1 part vinegar and 1 part water and dab the area with extra care.

12. Use Nail Polish Remover

Use Nail Polish Remover

How to remove jean stains from the leather purse, it difficult to clean it with nail polish remover.

This option works especially well for ink stains. Dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover. And gently rub the stain until the ink or denim stains disappear.

Take extra care when you are removing the stain from leather.

Non-acetone remover, as acetone can damage leather dye, and minimize the effects on the surrounding leather by keeping the cotton swab directly on the stain itself.

13. Use Milk

Use Milk

If you have a white bag then you can try to clean your expensive leather to clean it with milk.

You can boil the milk first.

And check the temperature if it is hotter than wait until then lukewarm.

Then you apply it to the stained area or gently rub the stain.

After you clean it with a white cloth.


Finally, we go through all the cleaning methods to clean your leather purse from the denim jeans stains. I hope you have cleaned your leather purse to apply the above ideas.

Make sure with you rub the stain are then gently rub the area. If you can rapidly rub the stains it can remove the stains and also remove the leather.

You can share your experience with us, which method work for you, and can you remove the denim jeans stain from your favorite leather purse.


How do you remove Jean dye from leather?

You can follow several methods to remove the jeans dye from your favorite leather purse. You can use dish soap, vinegar, toothpaste, sanitizer, and other methods that we cover above articles.

How do you get blue jean stains out of white leather?

You can apply the toothpaste to clean your white leather purse stains with easily remove the stains. You can apply the toothpaste to a white leather bag and gently rub it to remove the tough stains from the leather bag.

What home remedy can I use to clean leather purse?

A lot of home remedies can be used to clean the leather purse. So you might use vinegar, toothpaste, nail polish remover, hand sanitizer, makeup remover to remove your leather purse stains.

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