How to Check Your Phone have Malware?

This is a very simple and annoying question for Android users when they saw the malware. How to prevent them, they don’t know where to attack the malware. It has a lot of ways to attack your Andoird phone.

In today’s article, we will share with you how you can identify the malware or how to get rid of this situation. People don’t know how you can prevent them. With all these activities passing through them, can you imagine how much information these devices contain? Anyone except figures out how much data breach, that could potentially put you at risk if they fall into the wrong hands.


So with these tips in mind, it’s high time you learned how to avoid malware on Android.

Signs of  Malware on Android

When you feel something like we mention below in the list. Then definitely we had suffered from malware attack.

1. Too Many Annoying Ads

When you see disgusting ads on your Android phone’s screen. This is a sure sign of a malware attack.

Basically this happens when we download something from the annoying site, or it can automatically download from the annoying website like the torrent site, or any malware-affected sites.

This actually happens when we download the wrong app or something quite unusual content on the website.

2. Battery Drain faster

This is another big reason cause when your phone’s battery drain suddenly faster then it means malware exists on your phone.

This is very simple to identify, cause the run in the background and services. In most cases, we see this is not suddenly happening with you. When you install something specious on the internet your notice them.

If your phone’s battery drain faster this is not the same in all the terms. Although while you upgrade your phone’s software or system update then we see actually this effect on our phone’s battery life. Not in all cases, you can relate it.

3. Pop-Up Ads While Using Phone

 While when you use your phone to see annoying pop-ads on your phone’s screen, in fact, you can’t skip those ads.

That solution we provide next paragraphs.

4. Performance too Low

This is a too common question when our smartphone is affected by malware cause a lot more services are running in the background or this consumes memory and chipset. Then this is obvious your smartphone performance is low.

If you have been using a 3-4-year-old phone or you feel the performance is too low then this is most common when your smartphone is older.

5. Apps Are Taking Too Long Time to Open At All

We saw whenever the other tasks are running in the background then-new tasks when we open this takes a lot of time to open.

This as simple as that for improving your performance you can reset your phone while you backup your phone with these methods.

6. Suspious Apps Downloading

It’s quite annoying when we see that application we could not install on the phone. Then we can just relate it to this happen because the malware does its job.

You can easily find out suspicious apps like other cleaner apps, security apps, or adult apps. These types of apps are automatically installed on your phone when your phone is suffered from an attack of malware.

7. Increase Data Usage

Suddenly when you see your smartphone storage is full. Yesterday, when you see that then this has free space or you can download something. But this is all doing automatically.

So we can easily relate it to your phone has been infected by the malware. The best way is that you can factory reset your phone. Then you feel relief.

8. Overheating

Fortunately, if all the above mention situations having in your phone that means your phone is the residence of the malware.

But if you recently update your phone or after that you face the heating issue. While we can say it to this is an update issue. Before that, they work like normal.

If above mentioned some situation you have to face with your phone then definitely your phone has malware or clean it ASAP.

Other Cause

Rooted phone
Too many old phones

Scan for Virus

We have default Google Play Protect on our phones. We can easily access this feature from the Google Play store.

1. Open the Google Play store.

2. Click on your profile icon

3. Open the Manage apps and

4. There you have to see the Play Protect, option to scan the apps.

5. In case any suspicious apps still exist then they show those apps. You can delete it.

+How to Get Rid of Malware

Safe mode

This is the most convenient way to get rid of the malware. You have to boot from the safe mode. You need to reboot into the safe mode.

You can check your phone reboot to the safe mode option on Google.

When you boot into the safe mode then you will check the unuseful apps and delete the apps from your phone. Make sure you can delete your system apps.

Which app is looking unuseful or different then uninstall that app in safe mode.

Suspicious Apps

Delete those suspicious apps from your as we explain to your those apps are automatically installed on your phone all these belong from the suspicious categories.

These apps look different when we open these app show ads, no user-friendly UI, or no sense in the app, these look like a cleaner app or looking very annoying.

So instant uninstall those apps from your smartphone.

Reset All Your Browser Settings

We see many many times use to allow permission for all the websites. Then they send the notification to you when they update the site.

All these notifications are consuming your phone’s battery.

Just simply reset your browser, or you can delete all your Google history.

Clear Your Download

When you clear the Google History then also you can delete your downloading history from your phone, As you can follow this link to delete your Google downloading.

+Full Scan your Phone
As we are Android users then we don’t highly recommend using anti-virus. They have a built-in security option. When we make mistake then this is our fault, otherwise, a malware attack has no chance. But as for now, you are getting rid of the malware we recommended to full scan your smartphone is connected with your PC.

Make sure your PC has genuine anti-virus. Now you can fully scan your smartphone via a connected USB cable.

If you find threads, delete all the threads. After deleting the malware you can use your Android phone. You just got the right speed of your smartphone.

Unknown Apps Permissions

When we allow for the unknows apps permissions then they will affect our smartphone. When we allow for the unknows app install. All the third-party apps we install on our phones.

We install these are the apps that are not available on the Google Play store.

This is so simple if they are really good then why they upload the app on the Google Play store. Why we have to download through a third party.

Basically this is our fault we can permission all of them then they run on our Android phone. If we deny the permission or you can’t allow installing the unknown apps on our phone.

It all depends on you. If you give permission to the app then they install some extra annoying or disgusting apps on your phone.

Make sure without reading all the notes, don’t give them permission. First, read carefully if you think they are really useful for this service then you have to allow for that.

Factory Reset

Only the last option that we have and this is the 100% working method if you can follow all these methods all are just not working then you can try this method to factory reset your smartphone.

But first, you need to backup your phone and after that factory reset your phone.

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