SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 ULTRA: The Limited Edition

“The Russian company Caviar, Known for lavishly decorating high-end smartphones with luxuries and durable materials such as gold and precious metals, has designed a Limited Edition of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Build with gold. The back of this phone decorated with solid shiny gold with the number “21” engraved on it.”

To manufacture this unique smartphone Caviar uses the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra as a basis. You can buy in stores from the end of next month. The mobile phone equipped with 6.8- inch QHD+ display and a 40-megapixel punch hole camera.

The Quad Camera system will be retained, the camera side is amazing, and the camera’s coated with ultra-strong black PVD coating. The camera really looks amazing and makes it really an Ultra-Premium smartphone. On the bottom of the right side similar ultra-strong PVD coating doing as well.

This smartphone back is made of 18 karat gold. DEcorating lines are applied with a laser, which form the number “21” – referring to the Samsung S21 series. Caviar will only manufacture 1 copy of this special Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Limited Edition, so the definitely lucky owner will be absolutely unique.

Naturally, Caviar also supplies a certificate of authenticity. In addition, this Limited Edition smartphone comes in a special luxury sales package, which makes it an excellent promotional gift. Caviar has set the starting price at $77,230 USD(128GB), converted almost $63,000. the client can also opt for a 256GB or 512GB model.

In terms of specification, this Limited Edition version will offer exactly the same specification as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra from Samsung. Meaning this smartphone will also be compatible with the Samsung S Pen. The mobile also has a 5000 mAh battery and available in three patients, a memory card is not supported.

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