The Best Robot Vacuum And Mop Combos for 2021

Nobody likes mopping. From the full of dirty water, to deep in their and mop the whole home, and apartment. A very thankfully to robot mop cause they are doing both the work like mop and sweep, and make life easier. You have to only do the fill up the water tank and remove the dirt tank too, and put it again and press the start button they do all that. All set, just enjoy the sweep and mop. Some of these come with a single feature like they only do the vacuum and some only do mop. Basically, they come in two types of categories, but here hybrid and combo categories are also present.

vacuum cleaner and mop

In that bot you can mop and sweep the house, you can do both works with the single bot. So after that some discussion we share that the combo vacuum and mop after we called combo or hybrid bots.

Single Function Is Better

By the way, it’s true the single-function machine is far better. But they have come with hybrid features so we move on this side. Because we buy both single robots that are impossible they unnecessary encompass, and the cost is also plus. So why we suggest the combo Robots.

What Kind Of Rule Follow Before Buying Them

So here basically buying before some point here that you excogitation on that. Like their battery life, connectivity features, they do both(mop and sweep), setup, and performance all of that.

Battery Life

Number one is battery life this is a main important factor in every tech tool, cause without a battery nothing is impossible in tech life. Robots for larger homes should have more batteries than at least 90 minutes. If the rooms are medium size and the living area is big then it’s okay in full charge. Look for models that can run in low battery they automatically return to the charging dock. And you don’t want them to babysit as much after a lot of work. After charging headaches you will be thinking you only work them. Why should you buy them? You think I was suggested to you. You are abusing me😅. consider battery life is more important.

Connectivity Features

As in robots, connectivity features are more important than making life easier and less tension. Connectivity features like setting up the app and all the controls in their app and works buttery smooth connection without interruption. Make sure they connect ed to home Wi-Fi, assume if you outdoor then you set it to cleaning mode and they clean daily. It is not just like you housemaid they won’t lie.


The setup makes your experience easier cause in day-to-day life you want to know about features like how to fill the water for mopping? How to remove the dust tank? How to clean the robot? and the basic charging and programs. And How to operate it from your home Wi-Fi. and how to establish a connection between.


Always performance plays a big role in robots. Robot work perfects their job. It works good or bad, read the reviews of their users not from those who are reviewing. Reviewing just test it and finish their job. But in real life how you suffer wait for them. How it really clean the tough stain and perfectly clean the dirt. It says only on the user, not a reviewer. You check the review from shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart. and other shopping sites.

What To Keep In Mind?

A lot of things we learn from reviewers and research and real-time base situations. What do and do not. You keep in mind things that mops don’t play nice with. Pay some attention to these before you purchase and operate a hybrid robot. If you are spending more then they work perfectly, if you just think like this so you waste your money on the plastic box.


Maybe most of the people thinking the robot does that all the mop and sweep work. In fact, they don’t know about robot mop not clean your wires mess and most of us have several wires in our homes for electrical and mobile devices. We don’t think while we are clean the house cause this is the part of our house and every house this have.

Robot mop despite their “smart” technology. we know this aren’t that smart. They confuse between these things. They’ll go under the end table or behind the table or couch. Where they can easily get tangled up in the wires.

Then you may lose both robot wires and your charging cord. Those with scrubbing rollers are especially bad at this. So, before you set your little mop loose, take a couple of minutes to get all the wires off the floor where the robot may wander.


These type of things are easily available in our home and this makes trouble for you robot mop. Have a look around. Pick up any things like your earrings, jewelry, small balls, and any small object.

if you and your kids have long hair, make sure you’ve given your floor a good weekly sweeping, so none of this stuffs gets clogged up in your mop wheels or scrub rollers. May be still don’t working after long hair get clogged, or jam the wheels.


All these things are common in our lifestyle and robot mops are confuse between these things. Many times they are stuck on the couch and carpet. Make sure you choose the advanced technology robots they find the objects like wall, carpet, or another object.


We know the where are home’s stairs where is carpet. Even the high-tech robots mop with room mapping capabilities and drop-off sensors can sometimes take a tumble downstairs. But any stairs have the potential of damaging your robot. The fall can also make a dent in the robot and any part has chances of damage. After buying please block the stairs area with pillows for safety reasons.

Top Picks Of Hybrid Robot

iRobot Braava Jet M6

The iRobot Braava Jet M6 is a powerful, pricey robot that sweeps and mops your home until they shine. I personally say iRobot M6 has very advanced features. Their sweeping and moping technology is really impressive.


+ Jet Spray to to clean mess

+ iRobot HOME App

+ Set map and select where to clean your home.

+ Stay in bounds.

+ Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant.


Little Expensive.

Deep stains still require human pressure.

Price = ₹49,990

Trifo Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping

Trifo Max is very wallet-friendly and does both work mop and sweep. Plus point is that the bigger battery life that is a big part of that robot. While you track in smartphone what’s the area is cleaned.


+ 120 minutes battery life.

+ With 3,000 Pa of suction.

+ Comptaible with Amazon Alexa.

+ Large dustbin(600ml).

+ Wallet-friendly .

+ Wi-Fi connection.


– Water Tank to Small.

Too noisy .

– User face issue with Wi-Fi connection.

Price = ₹19,990


OZMO DEEBOT can simultaneously vacuum and mop to remove up to 99. 26% of bacteria on floors. Three-level suction power. Also on the robot, you can three different maps perfect for multi-level homes. It starts to clean it recognizes the saved area it is going to clean.


+ Longer Battery Life.

+ 3 level of suction power.

+ Create up to 3 different maps perfect

+ App control and voice control


Navigation is poor.

– Poor customer support in India.

Price = ₹34,900

Samsung Jetbot Mop

The Samsung Jetbot map has two spinning pads to scrub your floors until they shine. They look so compact and nice with performance. The best part of the Jetpot it has eight different modes. It clean for 50 minutes. Simply set up and easy to use if you are a beginner.


+ Easy to setup and use

+ Compact design with two spinning mopping pads

+ Eight mode of cleaning

+ 1.5 hours to full charge

+ If water level low then blink the blue LED


– No app and voice control

Price = ₹42,000

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P

It works with a voice assistant. MI Robot has a 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping function. The tank capacity has a dust box of 550ml. Automatic room zoning.


+ 2100Pa powerful suction

+ Intelligent multi mapping and route planning

+ Automatic recharge and resume

+ Smart app control & Google Assistant support


Some issue with mopping

Price = ₹24,999