The Best 5 Cheap SATA SSD that Comes With Low Price

Hello guys, In today’s article, we will be sharing the best SATA SSD under 2000. You can install it on your PC and boost performance. SSD is very important for all that PCs, because the without SSD system will be leggy and take time to boot, and take too much time to perform the task. So in general I’m saying that’s SSD is necessary at the time. We discuss SSD under 2,000. Even we can try these all of SSD and after reading the article. So don’t be panic. I have already tried all of these SSDs. So without any quarry, you install the SSD and all of those SSD have a limited time warranty.

Among all the guys know that the pure speed of the PC that comes with the SSD whatever like they have SATA SSD, M.2, or NVMe SSD. It depends on you and your PC requirements. If your PC has M.2 or NMVe. SSD slot you can put those here are the best NVMe SSD list, or budget NVMe SSD, otherwise, we also put the SATA SSD. This is a weather SSD we can add in every condition.

Here we are sharing the best low-budget SATA SSD, if you aren’t regular use of PC then you spend less or get the best value for it.


#1. ADATA SU650 3D NAND 120GB

adata best sata ssd

Here we add in the first position Adata SU650 3D NAND 120GB. Adata SSD has 520/450mbps read and write speed. This SSD price is set to around 2,000 and obsessively price is up and down goes. If you’re interested in SSD you can buy it. Adata gives you a 3-year limited warranty.

Price – Around, Rs 2,000

#2. CRUCIAL BX500 120GB

Crucial best sata ssd

When we talk about the SSDs so Crucial name will be remembered in mind. While Crucial is making the best quality SSDs and give them to market and such a value for money and they give you ultimate speed that is really noticeable. Crucial BX500 120GB SSD has come with only Rs1,800. That is really appreciatable because of all of the reasons.

The read and write speed up to 540MB/s and 500MB/s. So same as Crucial gives with a 3-year warranty.

Price – Rs 1,800

#3. KLEVV NEO N400 120GB

Klevv best sata ssd

Klevv SSD is best in price and best with speed because we use this SSD on my friend’s laptop. He has an Acer Pentium processor and uses Klevv SSD 120GB. The Speed is mind-blowing. The laptop boot within 9 to 10 seconds. I impressed with the speed. But there is no mention the how much speedy is SSD. We guess the SSD has approx 450-500MB/s read and write speed. The best part is that the SSD is available for only Rs 1,693. If you have a limited budget you can go with the Klvee Neo N400 120GB SSD. Also, Klevv SSD comes with a 3-year warranty.

Price – Rs 1,693

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#4. HIKVISION C100 120GB

Hikvision best sata ssd

Mainly Hikvision makes a camera but also they make SSD. The Hikvision SSD is valuable for money and gives you a solid performance. The read and write speed is up to approx 560MB/s and i think some number changes in write speed. Hikvision gives you a 3-year warranty.

Price – Rs 1,900

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#5. PNY CS900 120GB

PNY best sata ssd

As the last and 5th in the under 2000 budget list, the PNY is the last SSD that has a more speedy and in-budget SSD. So PNY 515 MB/s seq. read and 490MB/s seq. write speed. That price is just incredible at Rs 1,995. So if you want that buy it from Amazon. Same as all the SSD have a 3-year limited warranty.

Price – Rs 1,995

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