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While we use any applications using their services they have asking to log in to the account to use your username or password. And that time we thought the username and password we forget. Then we don’t realize the password or username, many times we don’t remember the username to forget the password. Then we face the log-in issue. Here we share the Top 10 free password manager that helps to save your password, notes, and card details. In fact, your work will be easy and next time when you log in to the account the don’t be panic just go to the password manager and type their service name and log in to the account.

In the previous article we share the Top password manager that is LastPass and 1Password manage.

But this post is different, here we share the free password that means really free for you can keep the unlimited password with their service. But unfortunately, they are providing some limitations with these apps those means they have to came with one device connection, don’t sync with another device, and many more.

Why we choose free?

A lot of users have an issue with the paid service in that version they have to access with one device and keep the password safe, they don’t need more features they just save the password and other credentials. If you won’t have any use of the password you are the basic user like you use the limited apps and services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, amazon. In this case, the user doesn’t need too much space to save the password. Another side when we see the different users like users who use the OTT platform, online banking, music subscription, finical passwords, and etc.

In the second case, the user is active so here they have many accounts on other different platforms, and in that case, they don’t remember all the passwords at the same. Assume if they remember the password, forget the password after 2-3 days in some cases. Basically, we just saying everyone is doesn’t remember the whole apps and platform password.

While the password’s simple rule is shouldn’t use the same password.  So in this situation, we use the free password manager. This is perfect for beginners. But if you feel they provide limited features in the free version you upgrade with the free version.

We are not sharing the list of all password managers to confuse our readers, we believe in quality content so we are presenting the top 5 free password managers, we do not share the top 10,15, etc. We find into 10 and select them to top 5 and presenting. That means we believe in quality content and not in quantity. Here we sharing the top 5 really free password managers.


LastPass free passowrd manager

LastPass is amazing even we are using the free version for 1.5years. Still, I’m happy that we have no need to upgrade with the premium version. The best thing about the LastPass you can store almost every category credential. We strongly recommend LastPass the service is very much impressive and they work on 256-bit encryption.

LastPass is available on all the platform Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. By the way, the fingerprint login is available with LastPass free version. Also having a password generator. The family plan is coming with the $48year, and the family plan is starting with $36year.

While you use the unlimited password save with LastPass. If you are a new user so LastPass is best for you. This is so advance and well-managed UI and easy to use. Also, automatic sync is available with that. Until or unless share the password through email.

Reason to Use

+ Unlimited password store

+ Automatic sync

+ Save and autofill password

+ Basic support

+ Password share

Reason to Avoid

– One device access in free version

– No emergency use (free version)


NordPass free password manager

NordPass is easy to import and export the password. While this is available with the free version. As we know the free version is not allowed full access. NordPass is simple and secures not too very complicated. NordPass has no limit for saving the password. Automatic sync across the devices.

Also, you keep the credit cards and notes without limitation. NordPass offers a basic and simple interface. Free version offers only these feature with it, but you buy the premium or business plan then get all the features.

Reason to use

+ No limit for password saving

+ Automatic sync

+ Full time free

Reason to Avoid

– Limited options in free version

– No multidevice connect at a time


KeePass Free and advanced passowrd manager and allow all the options in KeePass

KeePass is fully free to use nothing to pay for it. This is techier if you have knowledge about technical terms then perfect. But in case you are a beginner so this is very complex for you. This word on the database. KeePass maintains its database in local storage, they are not stored in the cloud. Keeping your data local minimizes and the possibility of a breach.

By the way, KeePass offers to use on multiple devices. But here is one problem of data synchronization cause the data is not saved on the cloud. You create another copy of your data and paste it on clouds like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. KeePass has multiple ways to enhance your security for the password. In a lot of features bundled one is my favorite is after 12 seconds if you copy the password automatically clear also you adjust their time.

Last question in your mind can we use though the chrome extension. So yes, my friends you use it form extension.

Reason to Use

+ Provide all the premium category features in free

+ Work with multiple devices

+ Keep unlimited passwords

+ Strong security

Reason to Avoid

–  No cloud sync support

– Highly technical

– Unfriendly user interface

If you use it so fall in love with those features of KeePass, Highly advanced.

Google Password Manager

Google Password Manager free password manager

Google’s password manager is the freeway to save your password. Even you no need to install the other software. Basically, this service is provided by Google. When you see then you log in to websites and apps then Google Password Manager shows to autosave the password if you click to YES.

This is just a simple password saver, you just see the passwords. If you don’t need to remember the password. Then the next time you fill in the password you see the pop-up message in that they say to save the password for the next time. As same see you seen in the browser like Chrome or Mozilla. They always notify them to save the password or never save the password.

Reason to Use

+ Use on multiple platform

+ It’s totally free

+ No need to install software

Reason to Avoid

– Don’t add the password manually

– Only save the password no option for credit cards

Password Safe

Password safe free password manager

Also, Password-safe also looks the same as the KeePass it’s almost the same. You will need to remember only one password, called “Master Password” that will allow unlocking your entire collection of username and password. As similar to KeePass Password Safe’s no store the password on the cloud it’s saved on your local storage.

The database is safe as it will be encrypted using secure encryption algorithms such as AES or TwoFish. Once you create your first database, start adding users and passwords. It’s a little complicated for new users.

If you want to save the password and you are thinking if you use the cloud base apps. But you think the password is not safe on the cloud then Password Safe & KeePass is the safest option for you. No need to save the data on the cloud it’s totally saved on your local storage.

Reason to Use

+ Fully Free use all their options

+ Save on local storage no need tension about password hacking

Reason to Avoid

– No option to save with cloud

– Unfriendly user interface


Q 1. What is best and secure password manager?

1. LastPass
2. NordPass
3. KeePass
4. Google Password Manager
5. Password Safe

Q 2. Can we use last pass for free?

Yes, you can use LastPass for free. But with limited features. In the free version, they do give multidevice log-in. Although you save the unlimited password with LastPass.

Q 3. Are free Password manager safe?

Yes, you use the free password manager. Free means service provider gives limited services within free password manager in paid service they provide extra features and many more features.

Q 4. What is the best alternative for LastPass?

Here we share all the password manager is free. Even some apps better work while LastPass.
Above we share the top password manager.
– NordPass
– KeePass
– Google Password Manager
– Password Safe

Q 5. How to word Google Password Manager?

Go through the link find your password saved in Google Password Manager.

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