Transfer All the Data To The Brand New Phone: But How to Transfer All The Data?

Everyone is excited about the new phone. When they buy the new smartphone they are very excited to use the brand new shiny phone. But here is a problem? How to transfer all the old phone data to a brand new phone. Most of the users don’t know how to transfer the data. And they will be starting from the fresh. That makes no sense, set up every single app, and settings and photos on their new phone. This is ridiculous to see they are starting from the fresh. In this article, we share how to restore data backup to a new phone?

But if you think how to backup the WhatsApp chats. I also make a article on this topic to Backup your WhatsApp data.

In fact, they have options to transfer all the data to the new phone. But that time they not use a sense of humor to transfer all the data without doing any painful tasks.

Here you have a two ways to do your smartphone backup.

  1. Copy and Paste all the files manually.
  2. Use Google Backup option or use Brand Backup option like Xiaomi has own option, Vivo their backup option, and also Samsung have their backup option.

Copy and Past Data Manually

Now we will be talking about the first option in that you take backup manually and transfer all the data manually from a file manager. It’s a very big task and also painful and frustrated. But many people have lack of knowledge.

They don’t have any guidance in this field. But no tension my brothers and sister we have. We introduce the amazing option to use them and make data transfer very easy.

Backup Data From Settings or Google Account

It’s very simple to take a backup and restore on your new phone. Basically, all the smartphone brands have an OEM backup option. You can search from the Settings app by searching the “Backup”. When you press the enter you see the OEM backup option like Xiaomi has Xiaomi Cloud and others have different options. But this backup still works if you buy a new phone that is the current brand. In case they transfer all the data to your new phone.

If you buy the same brand of the phone so this process has easier. But don’t worry, we have another option. Also, this will be working for you and implement the idea to make transferring simple.

You have a Google account, and go with these steps-

  • Go to the phone Settings app.
  • Find the Google option.
  • Click on it and now you see your Google ID.
  • And scroll down to check for the Backup option.
  • After clicking Backup you get the Back up Now button to backup your whole phone.
how to backup smartphone

Although you have to see all the options and you see your device name, Google ID, and more options. Now here we click on Back up Now to create the full backup of your phone.

While you press the backup then the process has been starting and it will take time to complete the backup. After completing the backup you can restore all the data to the new phone. The data is saved on Google Drive. Even you choose what items to create a backup while it’s the only app, call history, device settings, and all of that. You want to copy all that data so simply go with that.

Remember one more thing connect your phone to Wi-Fi, cause in that process so much data will be consumed. So connected to high-speed Wi-Fi to complete it faster.

After the successful backup is created, how to check the backup is created and where to create it. As we say in the starting, the backup is saved on Google Drive’s backup section. You can go to Google Drive and the backup section and check the backup date and time are recently updated. That means Google makes the backup, and you restore it to the new phone.

How to Backup Photos & Videos

This is a big task for everyone when setting up the new phone. This is a headache for every people. They don’t want to wind up their images and videos. Maybe this their personal photos maybe it’s very important. Anyone does not want to wind up all the pictures.

But here we have a solution for you. You won’t save the photos or video to your PC. And after you copy and paste it to new phone. Google Photos has the ultimate options to use their service to save all these photos & videos with Google Photos. Now you ask how to do that.

Go to the Google Photos app when the app is open then you see the right-hand side you profile option and click on the profile icon, go to Photos Settings, here you have seen the top of the list “Backup and Sync” option to clicking on it. And on the next screen, you have the Back up & sync option then turn it on.

If this turn of that means your data are already synced with Google Photos, connect to the Wi-Fi that takes less time than mobile data. You select the Back up device folders to select a specific folder.

Now your gallery data are synced then you change with the new phone.

How To Restore Data Backup On New Phone

Now, the backup is also successfully created, then move to restore. How to restore that? If you don’t know let’s follow these steps to restore the backup. When you start the new phone the ask to set up the phone and enter the Google account to log in to the smartphone.

Just log in and press the next you see the restore option, click on the restore button and you see all the apps and contact details and messages are appearing on the screen. Here if you feel some apps you don’t want to install on the new phone, so you select and unselect the apps.

While you see your phone in processing. It takes time while it’s set up all the apps and contacts, messages, and all the old phone settings. After that, you see every single app that you use on an old phone is being set up on the new phone.  

May be some apps are need to log in again otherwise all words fine.

Now your all the data restored and work well. If you have any questions about this article then you can contact to me going through CONTACT US page.

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