Unable to Download Battlegrounds India: Follow these Methods to Fix it.

Every India’s youngsters are excited to download the Battlegrounds India, but here they are facing several types of errors like server error 500 and beta program is full or whatever. So in that post, we will share with you how you can download Battlegrounds India and enjoy the game.

As we informed you Battlegrounds India open beta version is now available to download in India. Unfortunately, the selected user will be able to get early access to the Battlegrounds Mobile India Game.

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The open beta version is available on a slot-wise basis, which means that there are slots available and players will need to grab the slots to be able to download the game on their phone. If you are unable to download Battlegrounds India then, in the next paragraphs we will disclose the method.

And Battlegrounds Mobile India promise, they release more slots soon: and you will enroll in that.

Slot Opening Soon…

If you are facing an error during the download Battlegrounds India beta version, you will need to head over to the Google Play store on your phone or click on the link. When you are tried to download the beta version but you are unable to download the Battlegrounds India or maybe you have seen the error Connection error 500 in that case you can’t able to download the Battlegrounds India.

In case you are selected for the beta version then you can enroll in the beta version or download the Battlegrounds India app. However, at this time, the Battlegrounds Mobile India app’s testing program has reached the maximum number of testers that can participate in it and isn’t accepting any more tester. In that case, you will see the error or beta tester is the full message on the screen. But as the KRAFTON said they release more beta testing and you can join.

Battlegrounds India launch date?

Now as we know that, Krafton release the beta version of Battlegrounds India, so we can assume simply the main launch event is a little bit far away. While we know that at the time they release the beta version and roll out their version for the beta tester then obsessively beta tester tests Battlegrounds India. They try the game for users and because of release the beta program.

This time users use Battlegrounds India and play the game or they find some glitch or error or some loophole then they can say it or the company improves the game for the user’s experience.

Overall the experience is the same but here we can see the India-them-style touchup. In the game, we explore more. Rumors and leaks suggest that the game will be launch on June 18 in India but now we don’t think that’s going to happen.

Maybe it would the date for the beta release date so we relate the rumors, on June 18 or around they release the beta version of the Battlegrounds India.

The idea behind releasing the Battlegrounds Mobile India beat version is to take feedback from the players and improve the gameplay, fix bugs and others errors before the official release. The launch of the Battlegrounds Mobile India still appears to be a few weeks away.

Follow These Methods to Download

How to Download Battlegrounds India

If you are curious about downloading Battlegrounds India you can’t wait for the downloading. Go ahead and download the Battleground Mobile India. But if you are a beta tester you can go and check for the latest version of Battlegrounds India.

You can just go on the Google Play store and check if they offer to install then download. Fortunately, you follow the link and enroll as a beta tester. If you see any type of errors they test after some time. Maybe there is a server error or something else.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access for Everyone

Now, this means you can now sign up to become a tester of the beta version of BGMI in India today. You can simply need to head over to this link to “Become a Tester”, and then you can install the battle royale title on your device. The download size of Battlegrounds Mobile India is around 700MB, with an install size of 0.96GB. You will have to download the low- or high-res texture packs, maps, and more features from within the game.

As for what you can expect from the Battlegrounds Mobile India, well, nothing new. This is the same as the PUBG Mobile but here they change the name and add some extra features for Indians. But the features are common the main motive is to enter it again in the Indian gaming market. You have the same weapons, but you don’t have red blood in BGMI, and it reminds you time and again that you are in a simulation world. So yeah, go ahead and try out the new Battlegrounds Mobile India, keep playing again😁.

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