Upload high-quality 4K images on Twitter for Android

All people love to share images and videos on social media and sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But we all know about it when we share the image on social media they will be compress the image and reduce the image size and also reduce the image quality. Thankfully, Twitter now allows for the user who can upload the high-quality 4K image and video to Twitter on both platforms Android and iOS. In the next paragraph, we will be showing you how you can change some settings and you able to upload the 4K image and video.

How to Upload high-quality 4K images on Twitter for Android and iOS both devices

You will now be able to upload the and view 4K images from your Android or iOS device. Here’s how!

  1. Just open your Twitter app

2. Tap on the Menu icon (three-line) at the screen left of the upper corner.

3. Click on Settings & privacy.

4. Tap on Data & usage.

5. Under Data usage you see the Images section tap on High-quality image upload to whatever you want to Mobile data & Wi-Fi, Wi-FI only, and never. By default, it set it to never you can just change it to Mobile data & Wi-Fi.

6. Same as you can do same option on Video quality, set to Mobile data & Wi-Fi

Now all the settings are saved and you can see the difference in the image quality when you see the high-quality image and video. That you upload and view in the Twitter app are the best possible.

Note: If you have don’t see that option, please be patient, and then you can update your Twitter app, after will be sure you can get these options. For more reasons not get an update, so now we will be waiting for it.

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