What happens when leather gets wet (in 3 Steps)

What happens when leather gets wet

The water can damage your most expensive bag or purse if you can’t follow the right method to dry wet leather.

Sometimes people use an unnecessary thing, damaging their favorite leather bag. 

If you are going through this, What happens when leather gets wet? Does it damage your leather? Resize? How to dry it? What happened next?

Suppose you can not follow the proper method to dry the leather. Not only to dry the leather. 

According to the report of Globenewswire, the global leather market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of around 6.0% during the forecast period 2021 to 2028 and to reach around US$ 626.1Bn 2028. 

Prevent from them some suggested method is recommended for this you can apply it with your leather purse.

I assure you if you follow every single step, you save your expensive leather from damage.

Leather items are expensive, but it isn’t waterproof. Also, we share the method so you can make your leather waterproof. 

If most hurt when we spend a month or don’t get the ultimate solution for the leather bag to make waterproof.

Let’s get started.

Does Water Damage Your Leather?

When leather can get wet, it all depends on the finish and treatment of the leather. You might even get away with it without having to do anything in response to it.

When the leather gets wet, the water molecules bond to the oils and draw them out as the water evaporates. It also moves the dyes around them, destroys smoothness, finishes, changes color, resizes it, and creates spots streaks.

The result can be spotty, stained appearance and a loss of the suppleness of the leather, leaving it brittle, even cracked. 

If the water takes a long time to evaporate, the leather can ever begin to rot, and it might change its size or color and lose its smoothness or shine.

What To Do When Leather Bag Gets Wet?

If you find yourself coming out of the other end of a rain shower or standing in a dripping mess watching taillights disappear into the distance. 

Sometimes people don’t know the leather bag is not washable like other bags to wash it with water. 

Sometimes it happens ascendingly like you’re outdoor or rain comes, or you are going can someone throw the water by mistake. 

In that situation, you don’t know what to do next to dry your leather purse or bag.

Below, we share some ultimate solutions for you guys without getting any harm from your leather bag.

Things you should have:

  • A sponge 
  • A dry white cloth 
  • A soft bristle brush (you can use a toothbrush)
  • Some tissues and newspaper
  • Padded hanger
  • Leather conditioner 

Now you don’t waste more time. The faster you get started, the better the result will be. If the water has time to set, there might be some irreversible damage. 

Even if you can dry the leather bag on time, you can minimize damage by acting as quickly as possible. 

And we have a few steps that you can follow to dry your leather bag.

How to Dry Wet Leather 

How to dry wet leather

The first thing to do is clean your hands with soap and water. Human hands have natural oils on them, and those oils are easily absorbed up by the leather, which can cause more stained when it dries.

If your leather bag or purse has filled with water, gently dab off the excess water drops from the leather, both inside or outside, so be extra careful when dabbing the water drops.

Not to rub or scrape the surface of the leather.

The next step would be tough because it takes time to evaporate the water from the leather. Set the item in an airy place or clean the surface where you put the bag. 

Let’s wait for the water to evaporate on its own, shifting from wet to dump. Don’t wipe it. 

Don’t use a blow dryer. It can damage more your leather bag, don’t try to rush this part, or shrinking and deformity may occur. The patient is key. Let’s wait and watch.

Dry it

Once leather gets wet, the first step is to wet your leather as soon as possible don’t take it as it is.

Otherwise, you have fewer chances of minimizing the damage.

First, you need a sponge or dry white cloth to soak all the water from inside or outside.

With the help of a sponge, you can sock all the majority of the water. The sponge does the job very perfectly.

Next is, you can sock the remaining wetness from the leather with the help of the dry white cloth. Now you clean the leather with the fabric.

It can suck the remaining water.

Make sure Do not completely dry.

For a hang it on a wide, padded hanger. For leather shoes, boots, or bags, stuff them with crumpled newspaper or tissues to help hold them.

Sometimes we see people dry their bag after it is dry; the leather size gets to change or color.

If the bottom of the item is wet, placing it on a very clean drying rack might help with airflow below it.

If the base is still soggy, then put it on another side, so it gets quicker to dry the bag.

Condition with Oil

Applying a leather conditioner while the leather is no longer wet but still damp. Use a soft clean cloth to massage the conditioner into the leather. 

Higher quality is always better in this case; when you are conditioning, keep in mind when you’ll apply conditioner, then using a circular motion, apply the leather conditioner over the entire surface of the leather.

These conditioners contain oils that the leather will absorb deeply, replacing oil lost to the water as it evaporates. It takes time to absorb the oil fully. It takes around 8-10 hours or overnight. 

The conditioner will penetrate the leather through the pores left open to form the evaporating water and replenish the stripped oil. 

It takes time you observe and when the pores are open through the water.

Buff it

Once the conditioner has dried, carefully buff the entire surface of the product with a dry cloth. 

Hurry, you have successfully prevented water from further damaging your favorite leather apparel. 

However, taking care of your favorite leather apparel should not end there. You have to be prepared to protect your leather apparel from future water damage. 

Protect it

These good-quality leather conditioners contain ingredients that protect the leather from water penetration. You can also apply another type of product, such as beeswax cream. Beewax cream includes properties that are dense and capable of spilling water.

Apply a layer of Beewax cream. It is best to test a small patch before applying it to the entire surface because beeswax tends to cause effects that could change the appearance of your leather. 

You can see the major difference between non Beewax cream bag and a Beewax cream bag. On one side, the applied Beewax cream wax bag looks shiner or more attractive. 

When you own a light-colored leather accessory, it can convert the tone a bit darker because of the finish, or their shine makes them darker.

While a conditioner can prevent a normal rain shower, it can’t handle torrential rain. 

Whether it’s water from the sky or a spilled glass of water, we will say it again: “Can leather get wet?” is the wrong question.

Unless you’re hiding your leather shoes or briefcase in a special corner, at some point, they will come in contact with water. So be sure to know how to handle “What happens when leather gets wet” If you have jeans stains on a leather bag, explore our article to get rid of it.

Does Leather Change Color When Dry?

Over and over the years, the leather can change its color when you buy the leather purse, bag, jacket or shoes. It gets changes the dye over and over the years.

But if your leather gets wet then obsessively, it might change its color.

Leather has owned some oils and whenever contained with water. Water can suck the oil and remove its shine a smoothness.

When water evaporates, the leather bag Porsche is opened cause the oil winds up. 

Before full wet, still have damp. Apply the leather conditioner or oil on the purse. It can retain shine or smoothness. 

The conditioner or oil returned their beauty. 

So we suggest if your leather is wet, you can apply the conditioner before getting fully soaked. Once leather can full wet the Porsche is opened, we can do not anything.

Although if we can not apply the conditioner or oil on leather, it may change its color.

How Long Does Leather Take to Dry?

When the leather gets wet, the first thing is to dry the leather to minimize the damage.

Ideally, it takes 10-12 hours of full wat or overnight if we apply the leather conditioner in damp condition. Then you forget it for 24hours to get fully wet.

When leather gets wet, if obsessively all the parts are soaking, check every side every 3-4 hours. If any side is wetter, change the angle or place it on the padded handle to dry faster.

Treating Dry Stains On Tanned Leather?

Treating Dry stains on Tanned leather

If you do not notice whenever your leather gets wet, you probably have no idea. If you own an item with water stains long since set and settles. There are still steps you can take to improve the condition of your favorite leather item.

Start with a high-quality leather cleaner.

It should be fine, but to make sure, test it somewhere on the item where a stain won’t be visible – perhaps inside the bag, 

under the sleeve of the jacket or on the base of a large suitcase.

Once your test has dried and you’re happy that no unexpected happens with leather, you’ll pass. Put some of the cleaners on the clean white cloth and gently rub it over the entire leather surface, using a circular motion. 

Paying attention where stains are more visible. Some leather cleaners have come with cloths specially designed for this. Wipe off any excess that is not absorbed by the leather.

Now let the whole thing dry in a cool place, indoors, not try to use a blow dryer or any heat source, and out of direct sunlight. 

Dry Wet Leather or Briefcases

The first thing is to do is that extra water from the briefcase will prevent much damage from your leather bag or briefcase. First, lay it on a table or similar surface to avoid the leather from wrinkling. 

Fill the inside of the bag with crushed tissues or newspaper to keep the shape while absorbing moisture. 

Don’t use a blow dryer or any method to dry as fast. 

After it gets damp, apply the leather conditioner or oil on the leather to close the Porsche that had opened through the water are went inside.


I hope you follow the method gently and your leather has been returned in their actual posting as before they have. Just follow these three methods to dry your leather whenever leather gets wet.

Dry it, condition it, and Protect it. These are the golden rule for the leather to dry.

Can you explain to me how’s your leather gets wet and how you dry it?


How to fix water-damaged leather purse.

Dry it, apply conditions on it, and protect it. Follow the simple three methods to minimize the water damage. First, dry the leather. Still, it has dampened after applying the conditioner in a circular motion.
And third, project itself from water drop or rain shower.

Does leather change color when wet?

Yes, but if you can not apply the leather conditioner to it. So it might change the color or open the Porsche. If you do not want to change their color, you can apply the leather cleaner after it gets damp.
The leather cleaner works great on dry leather. It can reduce the change of color transformation.

What happens when fake leather gets wet?

It is cheaper than real leather. You follow the same steps dry, condition, and protect. But we can not say that they got their actual position. Because it is fake leather, it may change the color or resize.
If you can apply the leather oil, there is no guarantee that they have come in their old size or color.

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