Here we are discussing the most wanted question. That is every internet user listens to that is WhatsApp Pink. So don’t befall in this type of trap they are all just malware attacks. Even you think about your WhatsApp important data this is a really big value for you. In fact, this is the new currency in today’s time your data is currency. And it’s all happening and all your hands. You just think the forward message on WhatsApp they are providing the WhatsApp pink and your WhatsApp theme will be changed. Or after you click on the link and devices will be the target of the malware attack. If the WhatsApp pink is really exists so they don’t have it on Google Play Store and App Store. Because the App Store and Play store do not allow this type of malicious apps on their inteior platform.

WhatsApp Pink Really Exist?

If they had really trustworthy then they will exist on the App Store and Play store. It is totally malicious links that forward on the WhatsApp, and WhatsApp groups. So please we request to you this is a scam. Don’t fall into the trap. Lacs of new WhatsApp users every day reach WhatsApp and use it. So they are basically don’t know about it. They are will be your parents, child, neighbor, and family members. So share this article whit your friend’s colleagues and groups. To all are aware from.

It offers some extra effort like your WhatsApp theme will be changed after download this APK through the link or kind of your text will be changed. And suddenly you will be lost all data on your device. Please see the message they WhatsApp being a great feature use it if the message is forwarded so the “Forwarded” tag on this message. Please use this feature to prevent it. And also same in fake news please confirm it and if that is true you will forward those types of messages.

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In fact, cybersecurity expert Rajshekhar Rajaharia says that on Twitter handle to aware of people. They said in a tweet “Beware of WhatsApp Pink!! A virus is being spread in WhatsApp groups with the APK download link. Don’t Click any link with the name of WhatsApp Pink. Complete access to your phone will be lost. Share with all.

As I again said to you share this article on groups, friends, and colleagues. Copy the link and paste it to your WhatsApp and spread it like you see the malicious link everywhere.

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