Why My Internet Speed Has So Slow?

Slow Internet Speed is a very big issue in India. Internet is everything when we see around us. Everywhere we find the internet everyplace cover up with the internet. When we book the taxi on the phone so the taxi driver is connected to the internet, book the food at the hotel we connected to the internet. When we planning to entertain so a lot of platforms are available for entertainment like YouTube, Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, and a lot more services are connected to the internet.

As we see many times while we playing videos on YouTube then loading the video, Even also impact on downloading and uploading. Here we had to face the slower internet speed.

Next, Your question is that, How to improve the internet speed? Exactly, we share with you how you can expand your internet speed with some working tips.

Next in the article we share the some important internet speeding tips to improve your internet speed.

To Many Apps Running On The Background

We saw as many users they are not clearing the background apps. This is one reason why your internet may be slow down. So please when your usage is over then clear the background apps.

Because they run in the background as we see the many websites has automatic video play featured. When we visit the sites then the video is automatically played. So make sure, next time when your visit these site off the automatic all of these videos.

Again they consume more and more data so next time remember.

Remove Unwanted Apps

All we know you are not use all the applications on your phone basically you use the important one may be daily you use the 10-12 apps a day. Now imagine other apps on your phone. Especially you don’t think that how many apps are not using within a month, but this is complementary for your phone.

But my friend you can’t open this app last month. Search those apps while not are useful. And uninstall those apps and free the space. When the phone is clean you feel the actual speed and performance. I explain with an example- when we overeat then we feel something went happening in the stomach, same like as we overload the phone they are stuck and degrade the performance.

Remove all these unwanted apps that is not use in last a month.

Clear Cache

how to clear browser cache

Clear cache is very important if you want to see the latest changes on the website. Even everyone is talking about clearing the cache that can help to see new changes and improve the speed while browsing. Basically cache files automatically store on your phone and next time when’ll be try something search on the browser then automatically run the file because they know that, again they read the cache files and run on their browser.

How To Clear The Cache

You can go to the apps setting and find the Apps and go. Then you see what you want to clear the cache files. And select the app and click on the clear cache to clear all cache files.

How To Clear Browser Cache

Go to Chrome and Three dot>History>Clear browsing data>Advance >clear data

Switch Browser

When we this difference in a different browser. As usual, many browsers have supported the low-frequency data on the browser. When we try all that ways to improve internet speed then this is the last option.

Many smartphones come with their default browser and the default browser doesn’t work fine. So my recommendation is you use the latest Chrome, or Samsung Internet browser, also Brave browser in the list. If you are using one of these browsers then speed is too good with them.

Still have same speed problem with these browsers then may more reasons, those discuss in next few paragraphs.

Update Software

As many times we say about to update your apps and smartphone’s system update. Same seen impact on the internet speed. Maybe bug on the app and won’t work. Make sure up-to-date your apps and your Android phone’s update.

Because the update is a major issue within the smartphone. When you update the smartphone apps and Android update then your phone’s runs on the latest update.

When you face the low internet speed problem then go to the Google Play Store and check for the update if your apps update is available then update all these apps. While you see the Android update instantly download the update and flash it.

How to check Android update?

Go to phone’s Settings search the About Phone now you see the system update so update it.

Turn Off Sync

As we know most of the phones sync is on and they use it and sync is running in the background and synchronize your data. Most of the apps and sync options like Google Photos, Google phone sync, and phone default sync option.

Turn off all this services.

Check Google Photos Sync is Off

Go to Photos app

Click on the profile button.

You can see the Photos Settings click on it.

Backup and Sync option off the sync

That’s it.

If you are MI user as we are

So have another account with MI. Here we use the MI cloud and save the gallery photos videos, contacts, and other options. The same go-to Settigns>Account & sync>Auto-sync data off the Auto-sync.

Off The System Backup

Go to Settings and find Google open it and see the Backup option, now the screen appears the Back up to Google Drive turn them OFF.

This method helps a lot more then others. Try on your phone and make faster speed with mobile network.

Check Network Settings

By the way, most of the phone has 4G support and the new some new one is coming with the 5G support. 4G phones have by default select it to Prefer LTE mode If they are selected to 3G or 2G only then change it to LTE mode or 4G.

Otherwise, if your phone has an automatic mobile network selection option then select it to automatic. In this case, your device is automatically selected to the network. Confirm the network settings.

Reset APN

When we switch the SIM card to a new phone the service provider sends the message to change the APN setting to those are provided and follow them setting to use the internet at the highest speed.

By the Jio is also providing the own APN setting on their website.

We assume that the APN setting is effective, if you think your APN setting is wrong then you want to reset the APN setting.

Need To Reset The Network Settings

how to boost internet speed

All ways we are tried but nothing happening, so this is the second last option to reset the network settings. See the network reset option in the phone’s Settings>Connection>Reset all the network settings. It will be an effective step to improve while the network is week. You also try this method to reset all the networks like mobile data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Factory Reset

Now we have only one option left is the factory reset the device. This will be work for some people or maybe not work for all the people. Behind have many reasons. Some people feel the improvement in the data speed while some people do not seem very effective speed.

When you factory reset your phone please take the full backup of your phone. If you don’t know we already make a post on it please read this post.

Contact Service Provide

This is the last option if after applying all these methods your internet speed still the same then you contact your service provider and say him about your internet speed maybe they give you the right answer.

It could not proper signal issue with your location. Inform the service provider to consult your problem with them they’ll help to you regarding your problem.

Q 1. How to boost internet speed?

It behind the many reasons for that. If maybe the background apps consume the data maybe the network setting is wrong. I have a full explanation in our post so read the full post to get your answer.

Q 2. Best APN settings for JIO?

We are don’t recommended changing your current APN. If anything wrong with that then you can change it. Otherwise, we don’t say to change this. By the way, Jio said on our website the APN is with the APN and the Name field with “JioNet”.

Q 3. Factory reset to solve slow internet speed?

May be if some kind of settings are wrong with your phone then you can factory reset it.

Q 4. Sync is impact on internet speed?

Yes, it’s done the processing in the background, and no one notices those things. Off all the syncs of your phone. If you don’t know so read this post.

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