Why My Phone Is Slow!

We are seeing this is a common issue with every smartphone user face this problem. After some time they feel my phone is slow down. Why slow down the phone? Here we share all the reasons why your phone is lagging and slow?

Signs of lag include delays in touch responsiveness, the app freezes, touch not work properly, and slow performance. If your phone has been lagging, in the next session we share the authentic reason to avoid this problem.

In this article, we cover possible causes for your phone slowness, and fixes that might work.

Lack Of RAM

RAM is your phone’s working memory. It’s used by the operating system and by any apps you run on the phone. I explain to you when you use more apps then your phone’s memory is full and they do the work slow and feel lag.

Android is generally very efficient at managing memory and frees up resources as and where needed. Whenever you are using apps or games that need more RAM to perform the task, assume in your background many apps are opened but not in use but they using your system’s memory. While the new apps asking for the system to give a space for apps to run new apps or games, and other background apps are more sluggish and may shut down altogether.

This could be a reason why your phone feels you slow.

How To Check How Much RAM Free

If you are using the Android phone then you go with the Settings app and under you see the About Phone. You see the full information of your smartphone and under the memory section, you can also see how much RAM of your device.

If you don’t see the option here. When you click on the Search under the Settings where you type RAM you see the results and click on it and check how much RAM in your device. And also you check how much RAM is free for use, so different phones have different options to check the RAM while you check the RAM please Google it for your phone. Otherwise when you clear the background app then see the RAM status.

Penalty Of Apps

 When you buy the smartphone the smartphone had new. And some apps are preinstalled and the same others that you want to install on your phone. The truth is that your phone does not handle all these apps at the same time.

Whenever we see the other phone, that’s used in the widgets, music widgets, and different type of widgets so full the phone’s screen and look so ridiculous. So this could be a slow phone, please free up the phone. And uninstall the unwanted apps.

Enough Internal Storage

Storage is matters a lot. Whenever we use the apps they are installed on our phone’s internal storage. Every time we work on storage like we are download content from the internet, download WhatsApp photos, capture selfies, and make videos. All are store in internal storage.

Eventually, like more data-consuming apps like Facebook, and Instagram, WhatsApp they use more storage and you check from the app info. Even every app use more and more storage. Over a long time, the storage is more plus and plus.

How To Solve Low Internal Storage Problem

However, you expend the storage through a microSD card. After you set it to default. Since you download the photos, videos whatever they are automatically went to the microSD card.

Software Update

software update in iphone 11

 Each and every software maker want to make their software perfect and also user wants the some upgradations time to time. Then the company releases the new version, solves their previous update bugs, and releases a new one. But I personally see many of the users not update on a regular basis.

We suggest updating regularly you make schedule daily, weekly, or monthly update all the apps. Make sure your device is running on the latest Android update and up-to-date. This makes a huge difference within your device, helps to improve the phone’s speed, and gives a lag-free smooth experience.

Lot Of Gaming

We the many kids who are plays games on their parent’s phone. And after their parents share the lag issue with their phone. Because kids play games all the time phone does so much heating issue. Chipset can’t perform actual performance cause they want to cool their system.

Now a date gaming definition has been changed. In the market higher graphics, higher texture games are available. They consume it to maximum performance to the phone and reach to higher performing mode than phone starts heating and face the lag problem.

We say games degrade the phone’s performance. Today’s time, if you are interested in gaming so many brands to have dedicated gaming smartphones like Asus ROG 5 and Lenovo Gaming.

Maybe some components do not run the task and week their performance, and the user can’t complete the task. When they feel lag in the phone.

Heat Problem

heating issue with cover

While we use the phone they’ll heat you use the back cover so heat is not passed from the device. And your phone has been getting the lag problem whenever you use the device. We prefer whenever the phone heat up than cover down cause your cover covered all the phone and air aren’t surpass.

This is the best option, uncovered the phone and feel the device cool. After they’ll work very smoothly and feel free to use. So next time you feel lag on your device then uncovered the device. The cover is made from plastic and some are made with hard plastic.

Too Old Smartphone

If you are using your phone for the last 4-5 years then don’t make hope. Your phone’s life has been completed and time to buy a new one. Yes, every gadget has a time limit even the maker doesn’t want to you use their phone for such a long time. They spend more and more on their RND and new projects. Obeyslliy they want you to buy their product whenever they launch new products.

It’s very clear when your device is old they don’t run the new apps and don’t get the new Android update. And some apps aren’t run on their phone they allow a higher version of Android.
Basically, I say that, as much as phone old and used then the running capacity has degraded.

How To Super Fast My Smartphone?

This is the last option, you could be factory reset the phone. After resetting the phone you feel like a new phone. All apps and all the data are wiped and all clean. Make a fresh start. If You want to reset the phone so go to Settings and click on About Phone and see the Factory reset option. Click on it and reset it.

Warning – In this, all your data wipe, and all phones will be clean. So make sure to create the backup, and then format. If you don’t know how to take the backup I also make an article on it follow the link.

I hope one of these method works for you and now your phone work fine and you feel great. I think one idea definitely works for you.

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