Wi-Fi Not Working: Best Wi-Fi Fixing Tips

Wi-Fi not working is world painful thing. Having Wi-Fi trouble? We can feel your pain if you are getting rid of this situation. I know that what will happen to you. There are a couple of things you can check these things to fix in a moment.

Each solution only takes few minutes to complete. We make a whole problem list where we mention all the Wi-Fi-related issues. You Wi-Fi is not working then you must follow these steps to fix your problem with a guaranteed solution. Maybe one of them works for you.

wifi not working

Wi-Fi is Not Working

1. Restart your PC


If you have a Wi-Fi-related problem then first we can restart the PC. Some time some files are stuck in the background and the system can’t perform correctly, so in that case, we prefer to restart your PC.

After restarting your PC you again try to connect with Wi-Fi. If nothing is serious there then you can connect it with the first hit.

2. Troubleshoot The PC

Though after restarting your PC still you have not worked Wi-Fi problem. Then we can run the troubleshoot option to run the network troubleshooting.

For that, you can right-click on the Wi-Fi icon and you can see the two options.

Troubleshoot problems or Open network & internet settings.

Click on the Troubleshoot problems.

Here you can find all the network problems like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, or All network adapters.

There you can run the troubleshoot if you doubt on specific network adaptor then you run now the troubleshoot on the network adaptor.

And you run on the particular adaptor by selecting them.

In case you have a problem with your Wi-Fi connection then you can there see the problem.

If you can’t see the problem it means all work fine in my case we troubleshoot the Wi-Fi they show me for nothing.

In your way they show something problem then you might fix the issue, driver issue, restart issue, or whatever you see there.

This means you can’t identify your issue. So you troubleshoot the Network adaptor then we solve your issue.

3. Update the Driver

The drivers play an important role while we connect it to a network like Wi-Fi or Ethernet. I also make a full article on this topic about how you can install the driver on your PC.

If you don’t know how to install the driver and what is it? Basically, the driver is like the software, it can relate to. When the software is not installed then we can perform the hardware.

Now we install the Wi-Fi driver or if the driver is already installed then we can uninstall it or reinstall it again.

Right-click on the This PC icon.

There you see the Manage option, click on it.


Now you see the left-side Device manager option, just click on that.

Then a lot of drivers appear on the screen.

device manager

You find out the Network adaptor double tap on that option.

There you see the WAN or WLAN driver like that.

Right-click on the driver and click on Uninstall device.

Now your driver is uninstalled on the scan button to scan the drive.

If the drive is now installed then you see the yellow label drive.

Just right-click on them you have to see the Update Driver option.

Go with Search automatically for drivers.

Now you see they redirect to your Windows update section and they install the drivers from the Windows updates.

When the driver is successfully installed on your PC instant restart your PC. And after successfully restarting your PC then you try to connect to your Wi-Fi.

You not working Wi-Fi issue is resolved.

4. Reboot your Modem

When we try all the things but not effective one present then we have an option to reboot the Modem.

Something the network connection are confused and then they not connected to any network. It May have some issue exist on the modem and they won’t connect it to your PC.

When you restart all your network equipment then, again try to reconnecting your Wi-Fi. You’ll solve your Wi-Fi not working issue.

5. Scan for Virus

The virus can affect your PC they will damage your PC or they’ll be corrupt your data. In case you will be lost your important data, or a virus can possibly to trouble between the network adaptor. So make sure at least genuine anti-virus use in your PC.

For this step, you have a genuine anti-virus. You can run the full system scan to find out your system’s virus. In this scan, you’ll find the viruses then remove the virus try to reconnecting your Wi-Fi to your personal network.

The method is not working when you trying to restart your PC.

6. Disable Antivirus

At some time Antivirus creating some erratic problems while we connect it to Wi-Fi. We see when we connect it to public antivirus then they pop up the message this network is not secure and when you connected with that network. Then they disconnect the network again and again.

But you have not seen any type of problem. Even then you disable the antivirus for some time and retry.

This might be work or maybe not then follow the next tip.

7. Check Your Plan

Most in case we will recharge our plan already but some time we forget, or can’t recharge that. This is a simple case please check the current plan if they wind up.

8. Update Your Windows 10

windows update

Guys, if you’re using Windows 10 then this is a common issue while we update the Windows 10 if some reason the updates can’t roll out on the PC or the PC could not update properly.

In that case, you go to settings and fully up-to-date your Windows 10. Then new updates arrive then click on the install button to install all the updates.

All perfect, the Wi-Fi is easy to connect or easy to use like before you use.

Last option we have to do

Install the Windows 10

 Now still your Wi-Fi is not connecting to your PC then we have only one thing to do, that reinstalls the Windows or you can reset your Windows 10.

I was already made an article on this so you can check out this article.

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