YouTube Ads- Here We have a Solution

While that time YouTube has a Google’s service and time to time they update their service for improving their platform recommendation. Now YouTube has forced too many ads on while when we play the videos on YouTube. Remember the good old days when YouTube only ran a single now and then? That time everyone is knowing YouTube forcing too many ads. So how you can prevent YouTube ads.

YouTube is sending too many ads when we play the video but pre, mid, and post-roll ads can feel like too much on a five-minute video. Here’s how to block the YouTube ads and get on with your video.

youtube ads

There we are sharing some of the great methods to prevent YouTube ads. And YouTube will often do whatever it can to get its ads revenue. Because we share the methods if one is not working then another will work.

How to Get rid of YouTube ads:

1. Install adblocker

You know that feature is called an adblocker this blocks your ad when ads are coming that will block your YouTube ads. This will not only take care of YouTube ads but they prevent another website that presenting ads. So as we can say this is a beneficially features, to block the unnecessary ads.


Even you can simply add the extension on the Brave, Chrome, or Firefox by using the handy extension. There are too many other options to choose from, so it all comes down to personal preference.

Just you can remember to add some sort of ad-blocking software to your browser. You will have to watch YouTube on a browser using an adblocker extension. Other than some browsers are offers inbuild adblocking extension. You use the Firefox beta or Brave browser that provides adblocker in their extension, or use can easily use that feature.

There are few apps that you can use on your Android phone:


Brave or Firefox beta browser

2. SkipAds

If you love to use the YouTube ads to watch in the YouTube app, or you can prefer to use the app in a browser or don’t want to use the unwanted browsers and adblocker extension.

Worry about that, we have a method in that special you can auto skip the ads or auto-mute the ads when YouTube ads are coming then they mute the volume, or If you doesn’t tap skip, skip, skip. The apps provide a feature to auto skip the YouTube ads. Also, we have shared how to use Spotify without ads.

In case you don’t want to use the ad blocker, you are a genuine guy or you want YouTubers are earning from the ad then you use the app, and they auto-mute or auto skip option. This is a legal way to prevent YouTube ads.


3. Block in Desktop

When you watching YouTube on your laptop, desktop then obviously you use the Chrome browser then, on that platform how you can block the YouTube ads. So here we suggest the best Chrome extension to block all the YouTube ads.

youtube desktop

So you can try this method to save your time.

Adblock for YouTube

4. Upgrade with premium

If you didn’t trap in all that, or you don’t want any kind of piracy or miscellaneous. Now you go with YouTube Premium. When you buy the premium then also you use YouTube music in background.

Though when you buy the premium then you have more features in premium. As you download the videos and take them on the go without data, play videos in the background while you multitask, or enjoy more advanced features.

youtube premium

Right now, if you are interested in the YouTube premium you can check to go on your YouTube premium section and check out all these plans.


Here we above share a lot of methods if one is not working then you try another one, or we are sure at least one of these method work for you. As we say to you about the ad block then you can use the adblocker in Chrome desktop or under Android browser like Brave or Firefox beta. They are more compatible to play the video on that platform. If you use Chrome they redirect it to YouTube. So here we do not suggest if you use Chrome but you use the Brave or Firefox beta with adblocker extension.

You don’t get the ad blocker or did not use the above method then this the safest method to use the SkipAds app on your smartphone.

Now, we have only one option which is to buy a YouTube Premium, If you can afford the YouTube premium then we suggest buying the YouTube Premium or you can use the premium features like background play, and more exclusive YouTube features.

I most of the user think about the YouTube vanced app why we don’t add in that post, all of know about that. Although if you use the Vanced app the maybe your data is not safe.

Or I don’t want that our reader data are not leaked on my end. Then here we can’t add that.

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